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Terial Magic

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Terial Magic


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Terial Magic  is a spray-on fabric stabilizer that stiffens your fabric. Bottle is 24 fl. oz., enough to treat 4 - 5 yards of fabric.

In my work, I use it when I machine reverse applique without Appli-quilting. It gives integrity to the fabric so it doesn't get eaten up by your machine when satin stitching, so my piece doesn't pucker and warble, but lays flat. I've used in on woven cottons, batiks and silk. In my experience it does not damage the fabric, but to be safe, try a test swatch first.  Terial Magic washes out when you wash your piece, and returns to its original softness.

Also use for: machine embroidery, inkjet printing, die & electronic cutting, fabric origami, 3-D art + art quilts, fabric scrap-booking, t-shirt quilting, stamping on fabric

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How to use:

  • Spray both sides of your fabric until saturated
  • Line dry until damp, approximately 10 - 15 mins.
  • Press with dry iron until dry