Eye of the Beholder

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Pillows Workshop: Reverse Needle-turn Applique, Hand

  • Quilter's Dream 517 Denver Ave Loveland, CO, 80537 United States
Lily and Rose 16" Pillows done in batiks

Lily and Rose 16" Pillows done in batiks

Lily or Rose Workshop

Reverse needle-turn Applique, Hand

August 6 & 20, 2014    1:00 - 3:00 pm

You get to choose which summer flowers you want to bring indoors to decorate your sofa.  Will it be the Lily? or the Rose?  Or after you learn how fun and easy it is to reverse needle-turn applique the Eye of the Beholder way, make both.  Hand stitching is a labor of LOVE when you Trace! Baste! Snip! & Stitch! You too will create beautiful pillows with sharp points, crisp corners and graceful curves.  Our process gives you great control over your fabric and you don't get hung up on the pins! 

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