Eye of the Beholder

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Scissors are NOT Created Equal. I like Kai best!

Kai Scissors  specially honed, by request, for Eye of the Beholder for reverse applique. 

Kai Scissors specially honed, by request, for Eye of the Beholder for reverse applique. 

Quest for better scissors.

When you use scissors a lot, like I do, what you use is important.  My hand patterns require a lot of trimming and snipping, and not all scissors are created equal.

I want a small scissor that feels like an extension of my hand.  I want to be able to get my fingers in easily and feel comfortable when using them.  I need them to cut smoothly, like a knife through softened butter.  I want them very sharp, with a point that enables me to get deep into my inside corners and under my basting stitches.  The edges of the blades need to be smooth so they glide between the layers of my fabric.

I've tried many: smooth edged , serrated, blunt tip, Fiskars, Kay Buckley's scissors, Gingher, to name a few.  I loved my Ginghers, but theyweren't quite the perfect scissor. They were at times stiff, and dulled with a lot of use.  In 2 years I went through 6 pair (thank goodness for JoAnn's Fabrics 40% off coupons) since I couldn't find a local sharpener.


the competition.

the competition.

Then I found Kai Scissors.

I experimented with their standard blunt tip and pointed tipped;  with straight blade and bent handled.  I loved how easy they were to cut with, and how they sliced through the fabric.  However, I couldn't get deep enough when clipping with their standard blunt tips, and the pointed ones caught on my background fabric when trimming.

I returned to them with my feedback and asked what they could do?

 I am pleased to say they honed their N5100 4" straight and N5100B 4" bent handle ones just for me with a slightly blunted tip.

They are perfect!!!

The blades glide between the top and background fabric, no catching, when trimming! I can clip deep into my inside points and right up to my basting threads! The tip is pointed enough to easily slip under the basting threads when cutting them in anticipation of needle-turning! 

N5100B 4" bent handle Kai scissors .   Specially honed for Eye of the Beholder!

N5100B 4" bent handle Kai scissors. Specially honed for Eye of the Beholder!

I love my slightly blunted N5100B 4" bent handled scissors for trimming my top fabric away.  I can slide that bottom blade along the background fabric, with it level on a table or in my hand. The angle raises my hand above the fabric so I can see what I'm doing. I can trim with control and accuracy. The perfect scissors for hand reverse applique.


N5100 4" straight Kai scissors   . Honed specially for Eye of the Beholder.

N5100 4" straight Kai scissors. Honed specially for Eye of the Beholder.

I Love My N5100 4" Straight  Scissors For My Clipping: Whether I'm Clipping My Fabric For Turning Under, Or My Basting Threads For Easy Removal When I Start To Stitch.





N5011S 4" bent handle Kai scissors . Very sharp for machine reverse applique.

N5011S 4" bent handle Kai scissors. Very sharp for machine reverse applique.

I Love my very sharp N5100S 4" bent handled Scissors for cutting out my fused fabric when creating a pattern for machine reverse applique.  I can puncture the fabric cleanly, right on the line, and accurately cut out the shapes.  I can cut so cleanly, in fact, that I can save those cut out pieces to create an applique piece.


And they all fit in my portable sewing tin with needles, thimble and thread.

Now you can get your own Kai scissors from Eye of the Beholder, honed with a slightly rounded tip, specially for your hand reverse-applique needs. And very sharp Kai scissors just for your machine reverse applique needs!